Heitor Lessa
Heitor LessaSpecialist Solutions Architect @ Amazon Web Services

Heitor Lessa, Serverless & Developer Technologies @ Amazon Web Services, has spent the last 10 years in a number of roles, focusing on networking, infrastructure, and development. Since joining AWS in 2013, he's been helping organizations of all sizes and segments across EMEA to design cloud native applications as well as software development best practices.

How to build a full-stack serverless airline ticketing web app

As serverless computing grows in popularity, finding how to start can be a challenge. In this talk, we picked a sample “airline ticketing” web app to demonstrate the process of building a full stack serverless application. We'll share tips and tricks for building your idea, creating a prototype and deploying quickly and safely in production. You'll also learn how Vue.js applications can integrate with AWS AppSync (for GraphQL backends), Amazon API Gateway (for REST APIs), AWS Lambda functions, Amazon DynamoDB tables, Amazon Cognito (for user management), using AWS Amplify to seamlessly provision and manage your cloud backend.