Kirill Cherkashin
Kirill CherkashinFront-end Engineer @ Google

Originally from Moscow, now lives in NYC and works for Firebase. Kirill teaches Angular at Google and all over the world and organizes the largest Angular meet-up in the world — AngularNYC (as well as VueNYC and ReactNYC). When not programming, he enjoys dancing tango, reading books and having good conversations.

What's inside WebAssembly

WebAssembly has been getting a lot of traction recently. In the talk we'll figure out how it works. We'll learn what's inside of its binaries, how the code is represented in text format, and will get some practical experience with disassembling and debugging wasm files from a browser. After this talk WebAssembly won't sound scary to you anymore :slightly_smiling_face:

NOTE: If you're not yet familiar with WebAssembly make sure to check out Milica's talk first!