Milica Mihajlija
Milica MihajlijaTech Speaker @ Mozilla

Milica is web developer from Belgrade, currently writing for Google about performance optimizations and tools that can help you with that. Before that she was an intern at Mozilla where she worked on Servo engine and learned a lot about how browsers work. She's also a Mozilla Tech Speaker and a big believer in open web, always exploring new technologies that are moving it forward, like WebAssembly and WebXR.

Fast future with WebAssembly

The web has come a long way from text pages with links, but the only language that you could use to build applications for it was JavaScript - until now.

WebAssembly is a new type of code that modern browsers can run and it's fast by design. You do not write WebAssembly, you compile other languages, like C++ or Rust, to WebAssembly. All major browsers support it and they are steadily working on adding new features.

If you just smile and nod at the mention of binary and compilation targets, this talk is for you. It will be your gentle guide into how WebAssembly works, why we need it and how you can benefit from it in your next project (even if you continue to work with JavaScript only). Exciting real-world applications and implications included.