Miroslav Jonaš
Miroslav JonašSoftware developer @ 5G Systems

Miro is a software developer interested in the frontend of things, speaker, co-founder of Angular Austria, co-organiser of Angular Vienna meetup and open source enthusiast. He likes spending free time outdoors doing different kinds of activities, wandering the world, with or without a camera.

How to cook with RxJS

The trickiest part of learning ReactiveX is switching your mindset to reactive. With so many operators out there learning Rx on your own is often overwhelming. And no, marbles don't actually help.

But we are living in a reactive world and we can find examples everywhere around us.

In this talk, we will break down the ReactiveX to the basic ingredients and equip you with the approach that will make learning even the hardest operator a child's play. Writing a reactive code, after all, is no more than telling a story.