Nenad Kuzmanović
Nenad KuzmanovićVisualization Team Lead @ Seven Bridges

Nenad is a Software Engineer with more than seven years of experience in Web development, primarily working in the front-end. Currently he is working as an Engineering Team Lead at Seven Bridges, leading the Visualization team. He is a big fan of JavaScript, TypeScript, Python and Internet Memes.

Show me your data!

Behold the story of data as told by SVG, Canvas, D3.js and JavaScript! To see the secrets hidden in the data, one must know how to look. You will hear about (and see, of course!) the challenges of creating interactive visualizations using the frontend stack, overcoming the imperfections of browsers, data formats, and the Internet. We'll also talk about visualizing bioinformatic data, how to know if one of your friends is a mutant, the land of Westeros, Varys and Jon Snow.