Oleksandr Sabov
Oleksandr SabovUX Engineer @ IBM

Oleksandr is a UX Engineer at IBM. He works in a diverse team on a brand new and redesigned version of SPSS Statistics. He is passionate about motion design and performance. The purpose of everything he does is to build things to help people achieve their goals.

Creating meaningful animations with JavaScript

Animations in enterprise product UIs are very often considered an optional thing that can be added at the last moment - if at all. Developers often work under various time and business constraints, and may not have the chance to put effort into adding animations to the user interfaces. In this talk, I will discuss how to turn animations into a powerful tool that improves product usability, elevates the user experience, and overall make your products more engaging and accessible. We will go through a few examples, best practices, and I will show you how teams at IBM create meaningful animations using JavaScript.