Sebastian Golasch
Sebastian GolaschSenior Software Developer @ Deutsche Telekom

Sebastian works as a “Specialist Senior Manager Software Developer” at Deutsche Telekom, after some time developing backend applications with Java and PHP he became a citizen of the JavaScript world. Recently he's getting his hands dirty with Python and Rust. For the last seven years Sebastian tries to improve our lives, working on Deutsche Telekoms Smart Home platform Qivicon. Famous last words: “If I would've wanted to work in 'Enterprise', I'd have joined Starfleet…”

WebRTC: Serverless - This Time's For Real!

A new hope: Decentralization for the web

WebRTC once was the poster boy of a new wave of browser applications, which relieved us of hassle-full video conferencing and brought us tools like & Google Hangouts. It kinda is like that character of your favorite TV-Show that is so identified with the role, that they can not land a new job in any other series.

It's time to break the curse, because WebRTC has so much more to offer than just video conferencing! I'll invite you to join me on an explorative mission in the land of WebRTC Datachannels and all sorts of crazy networking experiments, that'll will lead us to the land of “HTTP via WebRTC” on an continent called "The Decentralized Web".