Stefan Feješ
Stefan FeješUI Engineer @ Instana

Stefan is a 19-year-old UI engineer that loves everything around JavaScript. He created successful JS library as well as some other high-traffic open-source projects. Besides coding, he also organizes the JavaScript meetup group in Novi Sad with over 500 members. 5 AM runs by the river are part of his morning routine.

Accessible JavaScript applications

In this session, we will look into different kinds of disabilities, how they affect the day-to-day experience of our users, and how can we improve the accessibility of our JavaScript applications.

The main focus of the talk will be how to go from being generally unaware of accessibility issues to creating highly accessible JavaScript applications. We will talk about why it's essential to make accessibility a core part of the development process while sharing accessible JavaScript patterns that you can integrate to your project today regardless of available time and budget.