Stephane Rodet
Stephane RodetLead UX Engineer @ IBM

Stephane Rodet is a lead user experience engineer for product design at the IBM Studios Boeblingen near Stuttgart, Germany. In his role, he leads a team of user experience engineers who build coded prototypes of product designs and act as technical expert inside a product design team. Before working as user experience engineer, Stephane was leading teams engineering user interfaces for IBM cloud products. His two main focuses are developing usable, maintainable and performing web applications, as well as coaching fellow developers and designers.

Is Vue.js ready for the Enterprise?

Spoiler: it is! Two years ago, we started moving our team's WordPress website, which serves as a design management system for the IBM Cloud, Data and AI organizations, from PHP to Vue.js. Throughout this transition we were navigating new territories and figuring out how to use the Vue.js technology for this new use. Now, two years later, we would like to pass on the lessons that we learned.

In this presentation, we are giving an overview of our path in transitioning from PHP to Vue.js: how we managed a crazy level of SVG animations and CSS, how we handled the growth of the website and structured our work. We'll also show where IBM is heading with the Carbon Design System, the design and component foundation for all our products.