Vedrana Tozija
Vedrana TozijaFull stack developer @ Adeva

Vedrana is a Software Engineer, passionate about the web and great user experiences. She first learned about Progressive Web Apps in 2016, during her work on an e-commerce platform for TNT Media & Network CO in Thailand and it changed her views of the web. Vedrana advocates about PWAs and mobile-first experiences that benefit both the users and the businesses behind the apps. She is a remote work enthusiast and regularly volunteers at local developers communities, mentors and contributes to open source.

Are Progressive Web Apps the new future?

The web has evolved in a way in which it doesn't take into consideration the assortment of different mobile devices we have at our disposal today. As a result of that more and more of the web is becoming inaccessible, user unfriendly and resource demanding. Can progressive web apps help with that?

I will delve into the history and need of progressive web apps, how they work from a technical perspective and how can they help your business (case studies of companies that have profited from these solutions).