Filip Rakowski
Filip RakowskiCo-founder & CTO @ Vue Storefront

Co-founder & CTO of Vue Storefront - biggest Open Source eCommerce frontend project, co-organizer of Wrocław Vue.js meetups, web perf geek since 2017, proud cat owner.

How Nuxt 3 is allowing us to build faster applications?

Nuxt.js team will soon release a fully-featured, production-ready, third major version of the framework. You probably saw many videos and articles highlighting some of the amazing new features taking the developer experience to the next level.

There is one more reason to be excited about Nuxt 3 - it's much faster!

During my talk, I will compare Nuxt 2 and Nuxt 3 from the performance perspective and go deep into all the features and architectural decisions that lead to building even faster applications with Nuxt 3!