Ilya Boyandin
Ilya BoyandinData Visualization Engineer @ Foursquare

Ilya Boyandin is a data visualization engineer. He has made many visualizations for media, private companies, NGOs, transportation authorities and academic institutions. Currently, Ilya is helping to build the next generation geospatial analytics platform as part of the Unfolded Studio team at Foursquare. Ilya's special interest is in visualizing data about geographic movement, transportation and mobility. He is passionate about building tools which facilitate the shift to sustainable mobility.

Efficient data analytics and visualization in the browser

Making sense of data requires adequate data analysis and exploration tools. Modern browsers offer an increasingly rich and powerful platform for application development.

We can now deal with larger amounts of data in the browser with performance very close or equal to native applications. We'll discuss how JavaScript typed arrays, Apache Arrow, WebGL, workers, WebAssembly and other technologies make it possible to run data analytics queries over millions of data points and to visualize the results directly in the browser.