Kyle Simpson
Kyle SimpsonMinister of Engineering Culture @ Getify Solutions

Kyle Simpson is a human first and then an engineer. His mission is to show the world that the culture of empathy and relational information exchange are keys to unlocking the full potential of every human in the workplace. JS and open web technologies are among Kyle's favorite tools to augment human endeavors. Kyle has published 10+ books on JS, taught thousands of developers from teams around the world, and his training videos have been watched over 780,000 hours. He's still fighting for the people behind the pixels.

Confessions from an Impostor

You know what impostor syndrome is, right!? Most all of us have felt that nagging feeling that we're faking it and that we're sure to be found out by all the experts around us at any moment.

But before you go assuming this talk is the same ol' song and dance full of platitudes that encourage you to ignore that syndrome, let me clue you in on a little secret: there's no experts around you.

Impostorism is not a syndrome at all, it's a pragmatic mindset and perspective, one we should all embrace and be proud of. In fact, it's vital to us getting our jobs done.