Luca Casonato
Luca CasonatoSoftware Engineer @ Deno Land Inc

Luca is a software engineer at the Deno company, building Deno and Deno Deploy, and working on various open source efforts like the fresh web framework. He works on web specifications as a delegate at TC39, through contributions to WHATWG and W3C specs, and by co-chairing WinterCG.

Building a custom JS runtime in 30 minutes

Ever wondered how JS runtimes like Node.js or Deno are built? In this talk we'll live code our way through writing a novel JS runtime in Rust.

Most JavaScript developers use a runtime like Node.js or Deno at work, but many don't have a deep understanding how these runtimes are built. Luca will give insight into how Deno is built, and how Deno's architecture makes it really easy to create novel JS runtimes for specific use-cases.