Miroslav Jonas
Miroslav JonasNx core team member @ Nrwl.io

Miro is a senior engineer at Nrwl.io and a core member of the Nx team. He's interested in the front end of things, helping companies build scalable and performant applications. He enjoys sharing with the community, speaking, contributing to open source, and organizing events. Miro is co-founder of Angular Austria and co-organizer of Angular Vienna and ViennaJS meetups.

The age of monorepos

The history of the web can be divided into evolutionary development leaps. The age of inline scripts, the age of jQuery, the age of SPAs, the age of JAMStack...

We are now entering the next stage that has been carefully prepared in the past few years. Let me invite you to the world of modern monorepo solutions and share with you the benefits you will reap by using them in every project size and setup. It's time you automate those boilerplate tasks and reduce the bottlenecks so you can focus on what truly matters.

Get ready for the next leap! Welcome to the age of monorepos!