Monica Wojciechowska
Monica WojciechowskaSenior Front End Developer @ Polar Signals

Monica is a lifelong learner and fan of simplicity (in code as in life). Senior Dev at Polar Signals, author, athlete, traveller. Her mind belongs to deep conversations and data viz. Her heart belongs to the mountains, lakes, and oceans that cover this beautiful world - and all the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu mats and dance floors in between.

Building Interactive Charts that Scale

Data viz is no longer the niche endeavour that it was a few years back. Today, there are several libraries out there (many of which are built on the foundation of D3.js) that do a great job of rendering all the SVG bar charts, scatterplots, and line plots your heart can imagine… as long as those charts aren't trying to show over a thousand data points. 😉 Unfortunately, for SVG visualizations, data size does matter.

In this presentation, we'll talk about how to visualize large(r) data sets in a way that is performant and maintains user interactivity. Ready to build user-friendly charts that scale? D3, HTML Canvas, PixiJS (and a few other tips and tricks) to the rescue!