Slobodan Stojanovic
Slobodan StojanovicCo-founder and CTO @ Vacation Tracker

Slobodan Stojanović is CTO of Vacation Tracker, a leave tracking tool for managing your team's leave of absence, and CTO of Cloud Horizon, a software development studio based in Montreal, Canada. He is based in Belgrade and is the JS Belgrade meetup co-organizer.

Slobodan is the AWS Serverless Hero, Claudia.js core team member, and co-author of the “Serverless Applications with Node.js” book, published by Manning Publications.

From 1 to 101 Lambda functions in production: evolving a serverless startup architecture

Building a serverless function or an API is easy. However, things get a bit more complicated as your application grows. What works for a few functions often doesn't work for hundreds of functions and services. As your application grows, you'll need to evolve your architecture, deployment, monitoring, and tooling.

This talk is a case study of an evolution of the serverless startup's architecture. We started with a single Lambda function in early 2018 and evolved our application through multiple stages and architectures. Currently, the application uses CQRS with GraphQL and almost 200 Lambda functions serving millions of requests. We faced and solved many issues during the last four years, learned many things, and managed to keep our infrastructure costs low.