Aleksandra Sikora
Aleksandra SikoraOpen-source Engineer @ The Guild / Blitz.js

Aleksandra is an open-source developer based in Wrocław, Poland. Previously a tech lead for the Hasura Console and a lead maintainer of Blitz.js.

Deeply passionate about open-source, TypeScript and dedicated to staying up to date with the JavaScript ecosystem.

Navigating TypeScript Performance for Better Developer Experience

We need our tooling to be set up like a well-oiled machine because the better our process is the more value we can deliver.

In this talk we're going to focus on the speed of the TypeScript compiler and I'm going to show you how to debug and optimise TypeScript performance. The less annoyance and fewer moments when you want to throw your computer out of the window, the better!

We will go over some of the ways to debug TypeScript performance with real life examples to show the debugging process. We'll also cover how to deal with common issues by showing optimisation techniques as well as metrics on how it can improve the performance.