Barry Pollard
Barry PollardDeveloper Advocate @ Google

Barry Pollard is a Web Performance Developer Advocate in the Google Chrome team, working on Core Web Vitals and the Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX).

He is one of the maintainers of the HTTP Archive and it's annual Web Almanac publication. He's also the author of HTTP/2 in Action from Manning Publications.

Better than loading fast… is loading instantly!

For years, web performance optimization has sought to improve websites by shaving off as much of their load time as possible. But have we been thinking too small? Is a "fast" website good enough? Or should we be aiming for one better and loading websites instantly instead?

In this talk, Barry will explain some of the steps the Chrome team is taking to enable this nirvana of an "instant web", and how you can use these technologies on your own websites to also achieve instant page loading, leading to near-perfect Core Web Vitals, and happier users.