Dragan Jovanovic
Dragan JovanovicSolution Architect @ EPAM Systems

Dragan is a full stack engineer who is secretly in love with DevOps. He is passionate about building great architecture and helping teams achieve it efficiently.

During his career, he's built apps with different languages, but always loved working with JavaScript and React on the Frontend.

Achieving end to end typesafety

What are the ways to achieve end to end typesafety between the backend and frontend? Have you heard about tRPC?

In summary, tRPC is a tool that facilitates end-to-end type safety between the backend and frontend of an application. By generating consistent TypeScript types, API functions, and serialization logic, it helps developers avoid mismatches and errors that can arise when dealing with complex data structures and communication protocols. This ultimately leads to a more efficient, reliable, and collaborative development process.