Manu Martinez-Almeida
Manu Martinez-AlmeidaFramework Engineer @

Manu has been building frameworks and SDKs for 15 years. From game engines in C++, native SDKs for iOS, he is the creator of Gin Web Framework in Go, core team member at Ionic Framework, co-creator of StencilJS and lately working at building Qwik, the next gen of resumable frameworks.

Qwik: performance as a human design problem

Every framework can deliver great performance, the question is how much effort developers need to put, to achieve it.

Usually, performance has been a responsability of the developer, following best practices, avoiding certain APIs and using others instead. In practice, with real constrains time and resources, it does not work, and most of the web is slow.

I will show you how Solid, Astro and especially Qwik are solving this problem from a human design perspective, thinking about it as a design problem and not an education one.