Matija Šošić
Matija ŠošićCEO & co-founder @

Matija is the CEO & co-founder of Wasp together with his twin brother.

This is the second startup they started together, funded by Y Combinator and top deep tech funds in 2021.

Why the ultimate web framework will be a language (DSL)

With all the web framework options available in popular programming languages today, why would anyone want to create a new Domain-Specific Language (DSL) for building full-stack web apps?

In this talk, we will cover our rationale for deciding to do so, why DSLs are a compelling option, their pros and cons, and what it has enabled us to build for full-stack JavaScript devs so far.

Additionally, we will cover some of the ups and downs of open source devtool development from our nearly two-year journey since Y Combinator (YC).