Max Kless
Max KlessSenior Software Engineer @ Nx

Max is a software engineer at Nx, working on building Nx Console - a VSCode and JetBrains extension for Nx workspaces. When not digging through code, he spends his time travelling, reading sci-fi and listening to music.

Upgrade Your Toolbox with IDE Extensions

Developers are like mechanics: we need a good set of tools to do our job. But reality is often dissapointing - cryptic CLI tools, confusing configuration files and dreadful docs are everywhere.

What if we could do better? Using IDE extensions, you can greatly improve your tools' developer experience - and it's not as scary as it seems!

Are you trying to optimize the DX of a framework used by millions? Are you just trying to make your team's life a little bit easier? Either way, I will show you how you can rapidly go from idea to a working VSCode extension and solve real-world problems.