Sergio Avalos
Sergio AvalosSenior Engineer @ Spotify

Software Engineer working and having fun developing the Spotify client for Smart TVs and Gaming consoles.

Freezing (but enjoying) the charming landscapes of the nordics.

Let's build a Spatial Navigation library

Very often, when developing user interfaces, a lot of focus is given to the visuals, as that's what primarily gets a user's attention. However, other aspects are equally impactful for making the experience great but can be overlooked, like the user's input - how the user interacts with the app. It is completely understandable that it might go unnoticed; most of the time, the platform, say Windows for Desktop, iOS for iPhone or Android TV for your home Smart TV, handles it instead of the application's developer. But what happens when this is not the case?

In this talk, I'll take you through my journey as I joined the team supporting our Smart TVs application and share my experience learning one of the most overlooked but essential pieces of functionality we have.