Michael Hladky
Michael HladkyGoogle Developer Expert

Michael Hladky is a Google Developer Expert (GDE), Microsoft MVP, trainer, and consultant with a focus on Angular and RxJS. For years he has been helping companies and developers to set up scalable architectures and performant processes enabling teams to keep up with state-of-the-art development. A vibrant member of the tech community, he organizes multiple community events and workshops each year to give back.

Signals & fine grained reactivity in Angular

On Angular's roadmap is one item that is most probably the biggest change to the framework ever done: "Making zone.js optional".

As part of this effort they are revisiting Angular's reactivity model and will introduce a new reactive primitive to handle change detection. It will improve bundle size, runtime performance and more.

I will use an existing Signals implementation to demonstrate how a simple reactive primitive could get integrated in the framework and used to create reactive components.

That said, this talk will demonstrate fine grained reactivity and zone-less applications in a new flavor. It demonstrates modern Angular applications at the cutting edge.


  • Simplify reactivity
  • Improve debugging
  • Reduce application bundle size
  • Change detection strategies with or without zone.js